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My name is Lilian and I live in Mexico City. I am a San Diego native, a foodie, a pilates/Pure Barre/running fanatic and a Weight Watcher to boot.  I just got married in December 2014, and I exist to spoil and love my Dr. Sweety Sergio, DDS. We also have a son, a rambunctious little cocker spaniel named Mickey Mouse. I love eating and cooking, and wanted to create a blog to share my kitchen tips, tried and tested recipes, and generally, whats cooking. 🙂 Also, if I find an amazing place to eat, no matter what country it is in, I will post about it, because I just feel it’s important to share! Bon apetite!


One comment on “About Me

  1. elyann14
    March 12, 2015

    Hi Lilian, first of all you and your husband look like a beautiful couple (and your dress is gorgeous!). Lovely blog, I will be looking forward reading more of your posts, have a lovely day!

    Liked by 1 person

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