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Crockpot Turkey Breast with Gravy (SkinnyTaste)

IMG_6431This was a golden find.

I mean, really.

My sweety loves turkey on Thanksgiving, and so do I, so imagine my reaction when I found a CROCKPOT recipe for Turkey and Gravy. For me, Gravy has been a product of advanced cooking studies and chefs ONLY. I have never attempted to make it in my life, so when I found a recipe that made it so mind-numbingly easy to make both Turkey and Gravy, I had to try it. I got this recipe from, which is any Weight Watcher or foodies dream. All of the recipes are family-approved, healthy, and absolutely FABULOUS. The steps are as follows:

1. Make the roux.

2. Pour the other liquids and herbs in the crockpot, turn it on to low.

3. Place your roux in the pot.

4. Briefly brown the turkey in the pan, or sear it, or what ever “chhhhh” *flip* “chhhh” is.

5. Add it to the crockpot. Put salt and pepper on top. Close the crockpot. Walk away. Come back in 6 hours.

The photo is of the turkey, briefly browned in the same pan where I made the roux and then set into the Crockpot. Check out the recipe link:


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