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Black Bean Soup with Roasted Chile Poblano (Bon Apetite Magazine)

If you are looking for a new soup recipe, look no further! This week’s soup was one of my favorites: Black bean with roasted chile poblanos. I have followed the recipe exactly many times, and it has consistently come out great. It is also pretty simple and relatively quick to make. It is one of those soups that tastes great when fresh, but you can make this two days ahead, according to Bon Apetite.

One week, I was desperately looking for a vegetarian/vegan soup to inject more fruits and veggies into our diet. I have always revered Bon Apetite and decided to check their website for a new soup. You can search by diet or ingredients or course, so I looked up vegetarian soups and voila! I fell in love with this soup and we have happily enjoyed it many, many times.

This week I threw in 4 Arbol chiles, not because the soup is lacking in any way, but because I just love chile de arbol.  It has a woody, savory flavor but not too much spice. I garnished it with a little sour cream and Oaxaca cheese and it was the best. This soup is a great way to get your serving of vegetables and low-fat dairy.

IMG_6450The soup is really just vegetables, fruit, and low-fat chicken broth, and if you go easy on the toppings you can keep it healthy and light. I have also heard that chiles of all sorts have multiple health benefits, like boosting your happy-hormone levels, jacking up your metabolism and subsequent weight loss, helping lower blood pressure, and apparently cancer-prevention! A cup of soup is 3pp for Weight Watchers, and it is a low point and filling lunch.

The recipe link is below:

Oh, and a tip!

Roast your chiles directly on your burners until they are black but not too charred! This is way faster than using the broiler. Than put them in a tupper and seal it, in ten minutes take them out of the tupper and rinse them in the sink, making sure you rub the top layer of (burned) skin off with your finger. The outer layer of skin on the poblano chile can make you sick.


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