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Burger Salads

When I first met my husband, he didn’t cook too much. His diet consisted of quesadillas, fruit with yogurt, eggs, Tyson Frozen Buffalo Chicken and imitation crab. Then when I moved in, and his world changed forever. His all 27 of the Costco-sized NesQuick containers disappeared, and then I started to cook and he started to eat and we both lost weight. We we have found so far is that he is definitely in charge of making AT LEAST our weekly salsa, Agua de Limon, and our Saturday Brunch. He is also in charge of preparing the Burger Salads.

IMG_6529We discovered the burger salad a few weeks ago and we have been loving it for it’s versatility and quick assembly. My husband is a burger genius and I get genuinely excited every time he goes to prepare one. He seasons lean ground beef with salt, pepper, parsley, minced onion and adds an egg yellow (not sure why, but he makes the burgers and I eat them, no questions asked).  Yesterday, he made me this stunner: the beef patty, topped with Queso Oaxaca, avocado, mustard and ketchup on a small bed of greens. It is really nice to get the burger craving out of my system, but obviously with less carbohydrates and fat.

We’ve tried the following combinations to great effect: Goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, pickles/mustard/ketchup/tomato and cheese, and Barbeque Ranch.


The trick is to sneak as many vegetables in as possible without having it blow up into a full-fledged salad (which sometimes, I just can’t handle).  Today I will be enjoying a burger…..with chile poblano, Oaxaca Cheese and Pico de Gallo (a total of 6 points plus). I will try to take a picture before scarfing it down. I recommend this meal for Weight Watchers (you can keep it down to 3 points for the burger patty if you wanted to) but like I said, it is versatile and feel free to use your points as you wish. You could also use a turkey patty to save some points, but to each his own!



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