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Homemade Granola


When I moved to Mexico City, I was shocked to see how expensive granola is, especially the organic stuff. After all, granola is just baked oats, mixed with nuts, fruits and other grains! I am also constantly surprised by how much sugar granola can contain. There are some brands that each serving contains more sugar than a can of Coca Cola!

There exists a large debate as to whether granola is healthy at all. I think the trick is to just eat a small serving over something balanced, like natural yogurt and fruit. It is a great way to eat oats (healthy omega fats and fiber), nuts (healthy, filling omega fats and protein), and dried fruit (look for bags that just list fruit as the ingredient, cranberries and plums are a good choice).

If you make it at home, you have to find a way to make it without using too much sugar or fat. My mom told me that you can make granola in the Crockpot pretty easily, but for some reason, I find that making it in the oven is just as easy and takes less time.

I made this granola yesterday with:

3 cups of oats

1 cup Amaranto (it is a small grain that is popular here in Mexico, and it super healthy and has a good amount of protein)

1/2 cup pecans

1/2 cup cranberries


3 ounces brown sugar

1 tsp Vanilla extract

3 ounces Honey

3 ounces vegetable oil

1 ounce ground flax seed

First heat your oven to 300 degrees Farenheit. Then you mix all of the dry ingredients together (only the oats, flaxseed, sugar and spices), then you mix all the wet ingredients together. Then you combine them together so that the oats are fully covered by the oil-honey mixture. Then put them on a baking sheet (no aluminum or parchment paper necessary), and stick the sheet in the middle rack of the oven for 15 minutes. Take them out, gently mix them on the pan, and put the pan in the oven again for 10 minutes. Ready!

I adapted this recipe from one that I found at, the original recipe:!

I have calculated the points on this yet for Weight Watchers purposes, but that is because I’m not such a fan. However, I make it for my sweety to save money, and this batch will last about 5 weeks. Great bang for our peso, if you will.



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