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Lasagna Soup: Pasta Versus Zucchini

I have some explaining to do.

Let me preface this explaining by proclaiming my undying love for  Gina, the SkinnyTaste chef, and her recipes been life-savers for Weight Watchers and for eating healthy in my household. I get a ton of recipe from the website (even for the Crockpot), most of which I will definitely show case here at one point or another.

IMG_3107Last year, I made her Pasta-Free Zucchini Lasagna, which was a smash hit with my husband and amongst my friends. It is so filling and tasty, and carb-free! I’m drooling a little bit now thinking about that lasagna. Consider it “added” to my “to-make” list next week! But I digress…

Earlier this year, I made her Lasagna Soup, which is easier to make than any lasagna could ever be. So I decided, why not combine the two ideas to have a pasta-free, Lasagna Soup?


So that is what I did yesterday, and I really like the results! Because I added three Polish sausages and took out the pasta, the Weight Watchers points stayed about the same (7pp for 1.3 cups). I think next time I would add in some spinach to just to increase the vegetables in the soup, but I really like the way it turned out. I don’t miss the pasta, and I think I would keep the zucchini slices thinner in the future (as thin as you can get on your mandoline slicer).

The dish also offers you a good serving of low-fat dairy, from the Ricotta-Mozzerella-Parmesan mixture that garnishes the soup. I used my favorite pre-made sauce (Prego Traditional) to make the base of the soup, but if you wanted to make your own Marinara for the soup, you could totally do it.

Overall, it provides a tasty, filling lunch, and it gives you that lasagna experience without the extra work. I recommend trying to this soup first to see how you like the original, but if you are on a vegetable binge (like we are this week), I think the carb-free version is great! Prego!


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