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Roasted Chile Poblano with Queso Oaxaca and Pico de Gallo

One of my friends at school inspired me to start bringing chiles and other vegetables covered with cheese for lunch a few months ago, IMG_6608and I have definitely been enjoying the dish as an easy, to-go lunch. Chile Poblano is my absolute favorite vegetable, it is just so tasty and versatile, I will never get tired of it. I tried to vary the vegetables and bring brocceli and carrots, but it just wasn’t the same. The bottom line was that it just wouldn’t give me the same kick unless I added a ton of salsa, and then the dish just became weird. So chile poblano is the answer.

I love that this is a vegetarian dish since I always try to eat vegetarian meals three times a week, and it is pretty easy to prepare the night before school. It is also a great serving of dairy, which is super duper important for us ladies!

Sometimes I like to actually put the cheese inside the chile, and serve them to my hubby. He loves them (thanks Mom!). They are great as a side dish (to accompany chicken, steak or pork I think) but they are definitely a stand-alone entree if you cook multiple chiles (I usually eat 2 to 3, depending on their size).


To prepare the dish:

1. Wash the chile poblanos (using a brush if possible) to get all the dirt off, especially from the stem area.

2. Place directly on the burner of your stove over a high heat.

3. Let the chile poblano roast until the skin is black (but not charred, like grey or white) and then rotate to cook the other side.

4. When completely roasted, place into a tupperware (or something that can seal tightly) so that the steam from the chiles loosens the roasted skin from the rest of the chile. Wait about 10 minutes.

5. Remove the chiles from the tupperware, and rinse them under running water, lightly rubbing the roasted skin loose from the rest of the chile. Make sure to also remove the seeds as you are rinsing the roasted skin off. Peel the remaining chile away from the stem, so you are just left with that delicious roasted chile poblano flesh.

Finally, place chiles in a bowl or on a plate, layer with 2 ounces of Oaxaca or Manchego cheese (4 points plus for 2 ounces of Oaxaca) and then microwave. Top with pico de gallo (to get that extra tang, spice, and vegetable serving). If you want to get an extra serving of vegetables (or if you just need a little more to eat) I recommend a side of refried beans, or rice (if you have the points). Provecho!


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