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The Easiest Red Velvet Cupcakes Ever

Sometimes cupcakes are the best currency.IMG_6590

Last week, one of Sergio’s uncles (who is a Notary Public) notarized a document that allowed me to make a bank transfer in the states. He wouldn’t accept my money, so I promised to send over some baked sweets as a thank you.

Today I will have a dentist appointment with my Sweety Sergio DDS and his assistant Jenny. Apparently (for shame) I have a hefty cavity that needs fixing and they will be taking care of me today. My husband won’t accept my money, nor will his assistant, so I decided to pay her with cupcakes!

Jenny is a big fan of American style baked goods. She and all of Sergio’s colleagues at the dentist office get really excited when I send over treats, and today I decided to expand their minds and send over Red Velvet Cupcakes.

IMG_6589Red Velvet is slowly catching on in Mexico. You can’t find prepared cakes, cupcakes or even the box mix too easily. But really, every time I have made a red velvet cake, I have become instantly popular! The cool mix of chocolate and vanilla, with the sweet buttercream frosting gets people really excited!

Last night, after my private English lessons, I went into my kitchen and whipped up these cupcakes with my dog Mickey Mouse. I cheated and used Betty Crocker box mix, just because it is more convenient and much faster than making them from scratch.


Sorry Mickey Mouse! Cupcakes are not for puppies!

The instructions are as follows:

1. Prepare the mix (1 box mix, 3 eggs, 1.25 cups of water, .5 cup vegetable oil mixed).

2. Line your cupcakes with the liners, no Pam necessary.

3. Pour the batter so that the cupcake liners are 2/3 full

4. Stick them in the oven, cook at 350F/177C for 10 minutes, than rotate the tin180 degrees, and cook 10 minutes until the tops are cakey/cracked.

5. Cool in the tin for about 5 minutes. Remove the cupcakes and repeat (one box makes about 24 cupcakes). When the cupcakes are cool, ice them.

For the cream cheese frosting, I recommend the Sweet Cream Cheese Frosting that I published in my blog. I think I would halve the recipe so that I can frost all of the cupcakes, but not so heavily.

Stay classy my friends!


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