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Brunch Ideas, Part I

So the truth is, I started an enormous post about brunch, and I had filled it with pictures. I had trouble formating all of my pictures and text and got frustrated. I also had to pee and Mickey Mouse was being noisy with his favorite toy (a plastic bottle). Then my sweet was asking me questions about dental anatomy, and I was lost and distracted and then I decided: stop it.

So, here is a shorter version of what I had intended to post. Every now and then I will post some classic breakfasts that I like to make for me and my husband on the weekends. We never eat breakfast together, so I always make the extra effort to make something yummy and pretty. Basically, my equation for a perfect brunch is: protein, carbohydrate, coffee and fruit. Here are a few examples:

IMG_0251This is the easiest plate in the world, homemade salsa with a fried egg and black beans, what makes it a perfect breakfast is a side of 0pp fruit and a black coffee. Probably also a tortilla/whole wheat toast.


Oatmeal is always a winner. You can add fruit so that it feels filling and heavy, without actually being those things.  You could have this with a side of canadian bacon and never go hungry.


This breakfast tray was a winner: eggs in a nest made with sourdough bread, fried in 5g of butter (the food of the gods). For a side: grapefruit with a black coffee. I prepared a fruit parfait for my husband and his coffee with milk and sugar.

IMG_7070This is a new one: a toasted English muffin with fresh sliced tomato, and ricotta cheese mixed with pesto. So tasty and filling. Some fresh spinach would not go amiss just to boost the vegetable intake. Vegetarian and scrumptious.

To be continued.IMG_5113


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