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Kitchen Tip: Stow Your Wedding Bands

IMG_2018Chefs in love! Every now and then my sweety and I cook together. He is a fabulous co-chef! Anyways, I decided that it would be important to have a single place to stow my engagement ring (and later, our wedding bands) when we cook together. It is generally NOT recommended to cook with rings or watches or anything on your hands (imagine the bacteria on your rings! ahh ok stop imagining!) so when I got a Cinderella on top of my 26th birthday cake, I decided she would be the perfect guardian for our wedding bands while we chefed.


So, Cinderella stands right next to the microwave, which is across the room from the sink (dun dun dun….). She always keeps two eyes and hands on our rings. My sweety knows that his wedding band is always in one place. #youarewelcome

Thank you Araceli for my Cinderella, and thank you Cinderella for never failing to keep our rings safe and sound.


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