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The Science of Salmon

So today I had no food to eat! My only option was frozen Salmon. I had to get creative and figure out how to empty out some of my Costco greens from the refrigerator and complement my fish.

Back in San Diego, a pretty standard meal for me after getting started on Weight Watchers was a protein and a side of vegetables–be it a salad, sauteed greens, or something fast and easy. Today, I made a copycat Panera Strawberry Poppyseed Salad.  I didn’t copy it 1000%, but I was pleased with my dinner tonight.

photo 1

First, the salmon.

Like I said, I had a skinless, boneless, frozen salmon to work with.

I read a bit of information from this website (click here) to learn how to correctly pan fry salmon. Usually I roast it in the oven, but I was desperately hungry and had to find a faster way. It turns out that there is a lot of things that can go wrong when you go to pan fry this fine fish. Check it out!

Step one: Defrost in a pan with water. I let the water heat up (almost boiling) and put my frozen salmon fillet in the pan with the water and cover it. After three minutes, I flipped it. After sitting for another three minutes, I took it out of the pan, and dumped the water.

Step two: I immediately put a teaspoon of olive oil and let it get hot.  I put a dash of salt and pepper onto each side of the salmon while I waited for the pan to heat up.  I put the salmon in the oil when it was very hot and pressed the fillet into the pan. I let it sit for three minutes and then flipped my fish. The topside was fried crispy, a beautiful brown color. I let the other side fry for one minute and I turned off the burner and let the entire thing cool down.

Then, I made my salad:

I used:

A handful of lettuce (I despise lettuce for it’s lack of nutritional value), arugula, blueberries and kale

A sprinkling of shredded carrot

.25 oz of pecan halves

2 tbsp of Marzetti Light Raspberry Vinaigrette

Total of WW points: 3

I tossed the salad with all of the toppings and plated it. Then I added my salmon and spread dijon on top. The plate was 8 points plus for Weight Watchers! Yummy!

Listo maravisto.


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