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Goat Cheese and Plum Salad with French Vinaigrette

IMG_8624 I am really excited to share this with you, since it is a Lilian original!  I am constantly inspired by other chefs, and places like Disneyworld. I’m not such a creative chef on my own, but I have a good talent for salads!photo

I was inspired mainly by these Sourdough Crisps that I found in my beloved Costco. I never find Sourdough in Mexico, and these little crisps are killer for snacks, starters, in soup, and as a side for salads. The recipe requires the following (the * indicates how much per plate and the Weight Watchers points are included):

Spinach (or your favorite mixed greens) *1 good serving, 0pp in Weight Watchers

Plum *half for one plate, 0pp in Weight Watchers

Goat Cheese *30g, 2pp in Weight Watchers

Shredded Carrots *0pp in Weight Watchers

Sourdough Crisps *30g, 4pp in Weight Watchers

French Vinaigrette *15g, 2pp in Weight Watchers

Toss all of the ingredients together and listo! This plate was 8ppin Weight Watchers and super duper filling!  Maybe you can make it pretty and arrange everything nicely on the plate. I do that because I have to track and measure every ingredient. If I make this for a crowd, I will just put it all together in a large bowl  and leave the dressing  and croutons on the side.



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